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All My LifeSocial Order
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“All My Life” started as just a couple guitar chords and verse lyrics. When we all started adding our own element to it the song started coming to life. Originally the lyrics leaned towards more of wanting to save someone who is lost and caught up in the postmodern age that we live in but it turned into a tragic love story of staying with someone who’s self destructive. "All My Life" streams on all platforms May 1st.

-Mason Musso (Social Order)

While the world was shut down in 2020, Social Order was formed. A collaboration to combat isolation and generate purposeful creativity, Social Order gelled into a band by wrapping melodic, hooked-filled pop songs with a synth-laden post-punk sound. 
Two years later, the trio of vocalist/guitarist Mason Musso (Metro Station), drummer Anthony Improgo (Metro Station, Parade of Lights), and guitarist Andrew Ward (Nuwave Fighters) partnered with Audioneer/UMG Philippines for a six-song release entitled “How To  Lie”, which included four previously released singles, and the brand new title track along with an alternative version of the “How To Lie” single featuring goth chanteuse Raven Quinn. On Valentine’s Day 2023, the band released the single “Worst Way”, an angsty heart ripper with a punk dancefloor beat that was immediately featured on Spotify’s Darkwave playlist.

Social Order’s latest single, “All My Life”, drops May 1 and continues the band’s exploration into the subjects of romanticizing the past, depression, and the complicated feelings inherent in toxic relationships.
Writing, recording, producing, and mixing their own material, Social Order has become a self-contained unit--even handling all their own video production and digital visual content.
“It feels energizing to be creative in all aspects, especially during these unprecedented times”, says Musso. “We definitely drew inspiration from artists we admire for the aesthetic of this new music, but we also poured our feelings and lives into the production and lyrical content of these songs,” explains Musso.
“With all that people have been going through these last few years, we felt the theme of the songs had to reflect that.  Sometimes exploring that darkness can be cathartic. We hope our music takes you on that journey.”

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