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While the world was shut down in 2020, Social Order was formed. A collaboration to combat isolation and generate purposeful creativity, Social Order gelled into a band by wrapping melodic, hooked-filled pop songs with a synth-laden post-punk sound.

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Two years later, the trio of vocalist/guitarist Mason Musso (Metro Station), drummer Anthony Improgo (Metro Station, Parade of Lights), and guitarist Andrew Ward (Nuwave Fighters) partnered with Audioneer/UMG Philippines for a six-song release entitled “How To  Lie”, slated for August.


The set includes four independently released singles, the brand new title track along with an alternative version of the “How To Lie” single featuring goth chanteuse Raven Quinn.


While the songs tackle the subjects of romanticizing the past and apocalyptic depression, they also delve into complicated feelings inherent in toxic relationships.


Writing, recording, producing, and mixing their own material, Social Order has become a self-contained unit--even handling all their own video production and digital visual content.


“It feels energizing to be creative in all aspects, especially during these unprecedented times”, says Musso.


After the release of “How To Lie”, Social Order will embark on a 10 city tour supporting the music and reconnecting with live music fans.

“We definitely drew inspiration from artists we admire for the aesthetic of this new music, but we also poured our feelings and lives into the production and lyrical content of these songs,” explains Musso.


“With all that people have been going through these last few years, we felt the theme of the songs had to reflect that.  Sometimes exploring that darkness can be cathartic. We hope our music takes you on that journey.”

'How To Lie' EP


01 How To Lie

02 Never Again

03 Dreams

04 Humans

05 In Your Eyes

06 How To Lie (Raven Version)

'How To Lie' Official Music Video

Social Media Content 

Social Order // Social Media Shorts


How To Lie - Album Art (Square)


How To Lie - Album Art (Vertical)


Misc Background Image (Vertical)


Square Promo Photo


Landscape Promo Photo


Past Reviews



Dreams” featured on SiriusXM station Alt-Nation DISCOVERY. Station curated by Jeff Regan at Alt-Nation. 


A big dose of passion and life experience went into Social Order‘s new single, and we undoubtedly believe Mason Musso when he chants “Never Again.” Sounds like the Los Angeles-based four-piece has written the perfect anthem for all of us who want to change things for good without falling back into old habits or whatnot.

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Music is something that is truly behind words when its mega. That music that builds just right to give you an adventurous experience of music to get lost in. When you get a song that is big time in its approach it allows you to fan out to brilliant sound you’re hearing, and Social Order brings you a sound beyond subjectivity with the new song “Never Again”.

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